Welcome to Kaufer Law Firm, LLC's Dental Contract Review Section

We here at Kaufer Law Firm, LLC believe it is extremely important to have your dental employment contract reviewed by an attorney because of how much is at stake. 

As dental school nears an end, the dentist will be presented with one or more employment contracts. Receiving this contract can be a highly anticipated event that is part of an exciting time. It may also be the most nerve-racking event to date for a new dentist, because, once signed, the dentist is bound by its terms. Understanding the contract’s basic elements allows the dentist to better evaluate job offers.

When a contract is signed, the dentist is bound to perform by the language in the contract and these terms will control most, if not all, aspects of working life. A bad contract and work environment can become very stressful and have serious legal and financial implications for the dentist.  

A review of the contract by an attorney helps guard against the perfect opportunity turning into a bad situation.

    A good attorney will be able to tell the dentist:

  •         what the provisions mean;
  •        whether they should or should not be included; and
  •        what provisions are not in the contract that should be.

Above is a brief section from chapter three of "Real Life Legal Planning for the Dentist - Dental School to Retirement"  Click here to download all of chapter three.  To download the entire book for free please click here.

A contract review by an attorney should be both thorough and affordable.  Here at Kaufer Law Firm, LLC we provide reviews that are both. 

Robert Kaufer has been reviewing contracts for dentists for over 15 years.  He is also pleased to offer his services to review your contract for a reduced fee because you were referred by a North Star Resource Group advisor.  Your relationship with North Star allows you a discount of 50% off his normal fee of $1,000.00.

For $497.00 Robert Kaufer will:

  • review your contract;
  • provide you with a written review summary; and
  • discuss the contract and summary review with you via telephone.

To retain Robert Kaufer to review your contract please proceed to the information and payment processing pages.  After completing this stage, you will be taken to a page to upload your contract.

If you prefer to talk with Robert first, please call him directly on his toll free number at 888-711-4524.