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Transferring vacation property at death is a fast growing specialized area of law that should be carefully planned.  Vacation property is often referred to as "Legacy Property" because Mom and Dad have poured a significant amount of resources as well as their blood, sweat and sometimes tears into the property.  They want this property to be their legacy to the children.

  More times than not though, transferring the property without proper planning turns out to be a large burden on the children. 

Issues such as:

  • paying taxes, insurance and expenses of upkeep;
  • fighting between siblings over the use and management of the property; and
  • increased estate taxes can divide the family forever. 

The book "Legacy Property - How to Transfer Your Cabin, Cottage or Vacation Condominium" lays out the common problems with passing Legacy Property.  It also describes the potential pitfalls of not planning and presents effective strategies to preserving the property while keeping peace in the family for generations to come.

Robert Kaufer is pleased to offer this book for sale.  ´╗┐You can purchase the printed version of Legacy Property for $19.97 or get an immediate download of the eBook version for $14.97 at Legacy Property eBook.