Kaufer Law Firm, LLC is pleased to offer you a free copy of the book "Real Life Legal Planning for the Dentist - Dental School to Retirement" in eFormat (PDF) because of the relationship you have with your North Star Resource Group Financial Advisor. 

Part One    Basic Planning-Dental School-Year 2

Chapter 1     The Dentist’s “Legal Advisor" - A New and Needed Resource

Chapter 2    Basic Estate Planning Catastrophe Plan – The Will and Healthcare Directive

Chapter 3    Dental Contracts

Chapter 4    Buying The First Home

Part Two    Advanced Estate Planning with Basic Asset    Protection and Estate Tax Minimization/ Elimination - Year 3 - 7

Chapter 5    Advanced Estate Planning – Revocable Living Trusts    

Chapter 6    Advanced Estate Planning - Irrevocable Trusts for Estate Tax Minimization / Elimination

Part Three    Advanced Asset Protection Planning -
Year 8 and Beyond

Chapter 7     Estate Planning With Advanced
Asset Protection Strategies

Chapter 8    Advanced Estate Planning - Legacy
Property (Lake Cabin, Cottage, or Vacation Condominium)

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